The Robin Hood (RH) Factor

“Degrees of Separation from Robin Hood”

Everyone is literally within six degrees of separation from every other person. That has been proven.

Degrees of separation from historic figures and legends can come in the form of books written about them, by them or inspired by them. (When you read about Robin Hood, you are a single degree of separation from the legend.  When you read Tom Sawyer, you are two or three degrees of separation from the legend.)

Books give you front row seats and backstage passes to the lives and adventurers of millions of people. And many of them will remind you of yourself or of people who are important to you.

The Robin Hood legends were recorded in ballads by monks (Like Friar Tuck). Those legends blended the deeds of a bandit named Robyn Hode with adventures that mirror those of King David in The Bible, with commentary that mirrors Aesop Fables.  Moving forward in time, the legends have made their way into both literature and the personalities of countless individuals.

The Robin Hood (R.H.) Factor places degrees of separation from Robin Hood onto books, documents and people that connect in some way to pieces or the entirety of the legend.  Where is Robyn? features free downloads of a sampling of those written works and Jawnnies contains R&D postings from his living counterparts.

The logo for The Robin Hood Factor is a blend of a sun catcher and a dream catcher because dreams and the butterflies they create never have any down time and they can appear at any time.